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In order to ensure sustained growth and profitability of your online business, it is important to choose a CMS solution that integrates the different aspects and needs of the website in a smooth and perfect manner. We at Radical Reflex choose a CMS solution for your business after analyzing various factors such as the character of the website, the type of services being offered, the general understanding of the target audiences as well as the options and number of pages to be featured.

Choice Of CMS Solution

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In the recent times, Wordpress and Joomla have emerged as the most popular choices for developing high quality, reliable and highly efficient CMS websites. Our team of well qualified and expert professionals is well versed in creating customized websites across both these platforms. We base our choice of platform on the individual business needs and the specific requirements of your website. In addition, the advantages offered by each platform also play a critical role in its choice for specific projects.

Advantages Of Wordpress Development

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GThe growing popularity of Wordpress as a CMS solution is primarily due to the ease of ensuring the relevance and high quality of content which is a basic necessity for gaining better rankings across search engines. In addition, the friendly interface and the availability of a wide variety of themes and templates to suit almost any business need is also enhancing the popularity of this CMS platform. Listed below are some of the features offered by Wordpress which is making it good choice for developing different types of websites with diverse features and functionalities. It is an open source system: Being an open source content management system, makes Wordpress a perfect choice for developing both small and large business websites. This ensures that developers using this platform have a huge array of resources and solutions at their disposal for developing the most efficient and result oriented website for clients from diverse niches.

  • It is fast and easy to use: A simple Wordpress website can be up and running within a matter of minutes. It is also extremely easy to copy and paste text from a word document into the Wordpress site, which further speeds up the process of website development. In addition, the platform is extremely easy to use and does not require the developers to have any technical knowledge whatsoever.
  • It is extremely powerful and efficient: Wordpress CMS is extremely powerful and efficient which enables developers to create high quality websites in a fast and easy manner. The CMS offers support to the developers for every feature and functionality making the task of website development quite easy and exciting. Most importantly, it enables you as the website owner to have complete control over website management with minimal instructions and guidance.
  • It is quite flexible and easy to customize: Wordpress offers great flexibility to developers for creating custom websites for clients that meet their specific business needs. With an ever increasing collection of themes, plug-ins and widgets, the CMS offers a perfect solution for creating websites of different formats for diverse business uses.
  • Our team of Wordpress developers has extensive expertise in using the various advantages offered by the CMS in manner that proves most beneficial for your business website. They conduct a detailed analysis of the features and functionalities to e included in your website based on your business objectives as well as your expectations in terms of design and usability.

Advantages Of Joomla Development

  • Joomla being the oldest CMS, is mostly preferred because of its reliability and ease of creating really complex sites. The CMS offers strong social networking features, which are becoming the new buzzword in the area of online marketing and best SEO strategies. Although Joomla appears to be a lot more complex than it actually is, this does not prevent the developers from choosing it for creating websites that need to support some really complex functionality. Discussed below are the advantages offered by Joomla as CMS solution for diverse business needs.
  • It is easy to install and setup: As compared to other major CMS platforms (excluding Wordpress), Joomla is relatively quite easy to install and setup. Understanding the structure of this CMS platform is also not that difficult especially if you have some basic technical know-how. Similar to Wordpress, a Joomla website can be created and made operational within just a few minutes..
  • It offers powerful extensions through plug-ins: Joomla enables the developers to enhance the content of client websites with the help of a wide range of powerful plug-ins. This provides the developers with greater power and control over the type of content that is used in the website. The developers can use the open source plug-ins and site modules to the best advantage of client website.
  • It allows for extensive user permissions: One of the biggest advantages of using Joomla CMs is that it enables developers to create a wide range of dynamic user permissions. This is extremely critical in case of websites that need to offer diverse user access content as the platform provides for nine different types of user permissions.
  • It is designed to support multiple languages: Joomla is essentially designed to be used as a community platform which it why it supports the multi-lingual feature. However, developers need to have hands on experience in using the Joomla CMS to be able to use this powerful feature in an effective manner. When used properly the feature can enhance the user base and profitability of a client website quite significantly.

We have a highly knowledgeable and skilled team of Joomla developers who are capable of customizing the CMS platform as to meet your business objectives. Whether you intend to create an all inclusive e-commerce website for your business or a simple setup that offers you online visibility and provides information to your clients, our Joomla developers are capable of providing you efficient solutions in a timely manner.

Get The Best CMS Solution With Rapid Reflex

Our extensive expertise in the creation of both Wordpress and Joomla websites ensures that you get customized solutions to meet your online business objectives. So, contact us now and we will get back to you with the most appropriate CMS solution as per your needs along with quote for the same.


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